Lasting Images:Alternatives to Traditional Burial -- A 52-minute film by Joan and Hammond Hendrix. DVD. Lasting Images will open your eyes to the many ways to remember and honor the dead without the "traditional" costly service at the funeral home. The film includes segments on using cremated remains to rebuild endangered marine reefs, a tour of the country's first "green" cemetery and nature preserve, and touching interviews with families who approach death creatively and personally. A must see film for death and dying classes, church groups, and anyone interested in starting discussion about how we "do death" in America today.

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Passing Through Our Hands: Home Funeral Care Guide is a video on how to provide after-death care of the body. In our culture we have little opportunity to see or learn how to care for a body, and this video gives step-by-step instructions on how to do that in a simple and loving way.

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