The stories we’ve heard are legion – from the widow who called us from the mortuary parking lot, frantic that her husband’s burial would cost more than $9,000, to the millworker who had to forfeit his prepaid crematory contract when he moved here from South Carolina.

That’s why we formed the Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Piedmont in June 2008 -- to help ensure everyone’s access to final arrangements that meet each family’s needs and preferences. Together, we know we can make a difference for Piedmont Triad residents at the end of life.

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We request $25 for a lifetime household membership. To join us, simply print out, complete and return a membership application (click on "application form here" below).

Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Piedmont is not for profit, nonsectarian and member-driven. We welcome area funeral consumers without regard to religion, race, age, gender, orientation, ethnicity or income level. However, individuals and households who are employees or owners of firms that provide funeral goods and services are not eligible to join.

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