The mission of Funeral Consumers Alliance is to work together as informed consumers for after-death arrangements that embrace our needs, preferences and rights.
Let’s look at how our mission applies to you and your families.
We work together because  everything we do is done by our members – from conducting periodic price and compliance studies of area funeral providers to advocating for funeral consumer rights in the North Carolina General Assembly. We are one of the most enthusiastic and active chapters in the nation already.
We want to be informed consumers because we know that an informed consumer is a smart consumer. Do you know you have the right to obtain a general price list from any funeral provider you visit, without obligation? Do you know you can provide your own inexpensive casket from an outside source or make your own? Do you know that embalming is never required by North Carolina law?

We research all after-death arrangements available to North Carolinians in the Piedmont. We won’t tell you what to do with your loved one's body; that’s your choice. But together we can identify reputable providers who have reasonable prices, whether you want a burial, a cremation, a donation to a medical school, or something else. We can even help you learn how to care for your own loved one’s body at home while taking your time to say that final goodbye. (Yes, it's legal, and it can save you thousands.)
We are all about your needs, preferences and rights, because nobody will ever care as much about the funeral consumer as another funeral consumer. We are here for you -- just as we hope you are here for us.

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