Our Survey of Triad Funeral Prices

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has established a Funeral Rule which, among other things, requires funeral providers to make available a written general price list of their services and to give a copy of the list to anyone who visits the business and requests one. A useful resource prepared by the FTC is a pamphlet entitled Complying With The Funeral Rule. Anyone planning a funeral is strongly encouraged to obtain general price lists from multiple providers and compare prices.

Also, Funeral Consumers alliance has provided some information on how to read a general price list.

As a service to our members, our chapter has collected general price lists from all the funeral service providers in our area. We have tabulated the prices in an easy-to-compare format and also created a rating as to how well each provider meets the requirements of the Funeral Rule.

Here is our NEW 2019 survey:
Download here

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